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Eating well is always trending

Are breadsticks and snacks fattening?
Is bread better than breadsticks?
Are breadsticks and snacks just an accompaniment to your meal? So many banalities!
Do you know what the right answer is? It depends.
It depends on what ingredients are used in your breadsticks and snacks.
It depends on how you pair them with other foods.
It depends on how you distribute them during the day. Marco, our food and nutrition expert, helps us dispel some of the false myths and find the right balance to enjoy bioeko breadsticks and snacks as often as you want.

Bioeko breadsticks and snacks are rich in fibre.

This means they can reduce
risk of diabetes and obesity

Bioeko breadsticks and snacks are 'clean'.

They are GMO-free, trans-fat-free,
cholesterol-free, preservative-free
and are without artificial flavours.

Bioeko breadsticks and snacks complement a meal, even a quick, light one.

Try pairing them with quick dishes,
such as salads and soups,
or even more elaborate menus.

Bioeko breadsticks and snacks are 100% vegetal.

So they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Bioeko breadsticks and snacks are easy and good

› to eat as they are, crunchy and tasty
› to pair with fresh or seasoned cheeses, cold cuts and sauces
› to make a break super tasty with chocolate cream, hazelnuts or almonds, or with your favourite jam
› to carry with you in your pocket, handbag or backpack for a supply of goodness and energy when you're studying, working or doing sports