Amore per la Natura

Private Label

Did you know that we were the first fair trade producers in Europe of quinoa flour breadsticks and snacks?

And did you know that we were among the first to come up with snacks containing amaranth or hemp flour, noble ingredients with a high protein content and an excellent mineral ratio?


We have always engaged in exploration and testing to formulate new recipes and find new balances between flavour and well-being. Many of the preparations available to our private label customers have come from and continue to come from our ongoing research into organic ingredients and short recipes.

We think them up, develop them, test them on specific briefings and conduct repeated laboratory and production tests to improve and refine blends and procedures, until the desired result is achieved.

Health, taste and fragrance.

Our particular production cycle enhances the taste of the ingredients and gives our breadsticks a unique fragrance and crispness. The products go through a continuous processing cycle that involves the direct passage from the leavening tunnel to the baking oven.


Since 1997 we have been certified for organic production by CODEX, and recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MIPAAF), for the application of EC Reg. 834/07 and 889/08 and subsequent amendments and additions. The plant and all production lines are certified IFS Higher level.

What can we do for you?

We can provide under your own label

Organic breadsticks

  • classic with EVO
  • wholewheat
  • wholewheat with sesame
  • wholewheat spelt
  • wholewheat spelt with sesame
  • with quinoa
  • three seeds: with sesame, flax and chia seeds
  • Kamut®
  • rosemary
  • pizzaiola
  • cheese

Organic bruschetta

  • classic
  • rosemary
  • tomato and oregano

Organic mini breadsticks

  • rosemary
  • wholewheat with sesame
  • wholewheat with spelt and sesame

Organic mini crackers

  • wholewheat with sesame
  • wholewheat spelt

Organic soffietti

  • pizzaiola
  • cheese and pepper
  • cheese

Need anything else? Please contact us

Do you have in mind a specific private label product that you would like to market? Contact us, we’ll come up with the right recipe for you.