Amore per la Natura

We make it simple

We've been making organic breadsticks since 1995, when the very idea of organic was still a curiosity. We have always followed our intuition and this has led us to explore and pursue solutions for the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. Our work is based on 5 really simple values; for us they are firm beliefs and cornerstones, but they make everything light and natural, starting with our products:

Organic is a life choice

That profound, simple connection with the earth in pursuit of a healthy life means being rooted in nature; constantly committed to remember, value and follow it as an inspiration and refuge even in the frenzy of the city.

Healthy eating is fun

No sacrifices are needed to eat in a healthy, sustainable way. It is fun to learn how to make up a diet that gives you strength, energy and physical well-being and puts a smile on your face. This also applies to children who can be educated joyfully to accept a healthy diet.

You can live ‘naturally’ even in the chaos of the metropolis.

It’s a life made up of fewer things, more basic, but richer.

for you and what gives you energy and, even in the city at its most chaotic, with the right ‘ingredients’, you will find space for comfort and somewhere to reconcile yourself with the environment.

Good with, good without

To live naturally start with the taste and simplicity of bioeko organic and short list breadsticks and snacks. They are fun to munch on, they enhance the foods they are paired with, but they are also good on their own. They are a delicacy to be enjoyed when you are alone or with friends, when you are sitting at table with your family, when you play sports and need a refreshing break, when the tram or bus is late and you need a little comfort while … you train your patience.

It’s not that we have reduced our list of ingredients to the essential. The list has always been short and always will be, because we want simplicity, we love authenticity, we prefer things to be natural and that show themselves clearly for what they are.

The ingredients of our products can be counted on your fingers:


The best wheat, spelt, kamut and quinoa flours from controlled organic crops.


The crunchiness and intense flavour of sesame, a food rich in properties.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We use extra virgin olive oil: organic, fragrant, tasty, healthy.

Spices and aromatic herbs

Scent of rosemary but also oregano and pepper. Appreciated by adults and children alike.